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The Apparating Library will be at LeakyCon! Don’t forget to bring a book.


have you ever just looked at someone and thought, my fucking god i adore you. i adore every goddamn ounce. i adore your bones and your soul. but I’m a loser, who just doesn’t wanna lose you. i can lose fucking everything, but not you. oh god. not you.

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I’m making friendship bracelets to sell at the LeakyCon craft fair!


my favorite eye color is your eye color and my favorite height is your height and my favorite weight is your weight my favorite hands are your hands my favorite knees are your knees 

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So freakin excited. First year volunteering and selling at the craft fair!

House-Elf placement agency in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Diagon Alley [x]

House-Elf placement agency in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Diagon Alley [x]

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Poppy Carlton on her love for animals.

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There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard


I bought a white button up today, which means I can do my most favorite, laziest form of cosplay at Leaky; a miscellaneous Hogwarts student.



On Wednesday, July 30, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade will Open at the Close just for LeakyCon. 

Learn more about our private Wizarding World of Harry Potter park event.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 12, at 2:00pm EDT to all full pass holders (RockStar, General, General+Lit, Lit Focus).


You guys. The PC police aren’t real. You’re not going to go to jail. You’re just an asshole.

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So glad they have an awesome vegetarian option at Open at the Close. I love LeakyCon. They work so hard, and the results are magical.


I’ll have about 250 in my inventory, so you get your cute butt to the craft fair! Which is still time and place TBD but definitely happening!!!image


Nothing hurts worse than going to the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball knowing that it’s the last event of the night and the next day is the last day of the convention.

I need you to think about what you’ve just done.