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Vyckie Garrison -

"…The more deeply emerged I became in the Pro-Life movement, the stronger was my conviction that Life begins - not just at conception - but as both sperm and egg are living organisms - fertilization is merely the continuation of Life created by God back in the Garden of Eden.

After a while of this sort of “reasoning” - it became obvious to me, as it is to Michelle Duggar, that it is God Who gives Life - He opens and closes the womb and it is His perogative alone to determine whether or not a new, living, eternal being will come into existence.

…When we refuse to have children, we deprive God, Eternity, our husbands, ourselves, grandparents, our children, the Church, and the World - no woman can legitimately claim to love the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and strength, if she withholds her womb from His service

…To a firmly convinced “Pro-Life” woman such as Michelle [Duggar], the “choice” is to be open to the possibility of yet another pregnancy, or else tell God, “No thanks - You’ve blessed me enough already” and in so doing, set herself up in the place of God to make decisions about whether or not to bring another eternal soul into existence.

I can’t speak for Michelle, but when I believed what she believes - there was no choice of all. Of course, I would welcome all the babies the Lord placed in my womb. Of course, I would risk my life. No way would I refuse the will of God for my life. Why would I choose barrenness - the curse of God? Why would I deny LIFE itself to another person - merely because of the “inconvenience” to me? How could I consider my own health - when we’re talking about a BABY - a tiny human with potential for eternal life in Heaven?

A woman’s “choice” was anathema to me because I believed that I was not my own; I had been bought with a price (the blood of Christ ~ 1 Cor. 6:20) and therefore, I sought to “honor God with my body” which essentially meant dutifully birthing seven “foot soldiers for Jesus,” nearly losing my life on more than one occasion.

Playing on a woman’s sincere desire to serve the Lord wholeheartedly … they use the scriptures to convince a woman that she WANTS nothing more than to stay home, have lots of babies and serve her husband - even if these choices might cost her everything. In today’s world of seemingly unlimited choices for women, making the best choice can be an overwhelming responsibility and it’s very tempting for Evangelical women like Michelle Duggar to choose to have no choice.”